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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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boy had died in, detaching the Brussels carpet
nailed to the floor. That there could be any
spare room left in my head for thinking of the
Little Sisters of the Poor at that moment passes
my understanding. I can still see the faces of
the hotel officials when I had the carpet brought
down to my carriage and taken to the Municipal
Disinfection Establishment on the Aventine. I
told the director that the Pittsburgh millionaire
after having paid for the carpet over three times
its value, had presented it to me as a souvenir.

At last I drove home to Piazza di Spagna. I
posted on the front door a notice in French
and English that the Doctor was ill, please
address yourself to Dr. Erhardt, Piazza di
Spagna, 28. I made myself a hypodermic
injection of a triple dose of morphia and sank down
on the couch in my consulting-room with a
swollen throat and a temperature of a hundred
and five. Anna was quite frightened and was
most anxious to send for Doctor Erhardt. I
told her I was all right, all I wanted was
twenty-four hours’ sleep, she was not to disturb me
unless the house was on fire.

The blessed drug began to spread forgetfulness
and peace in my exhausted brain, even the
haunting terror of the cut in my finger dropped out of
my benumbed thoughts. I was falling asleep.
Suddenly the front bell rang repeatedly, furiously.
I heard from the hall the loud voice of a woman
of unmistakable nationality arguing with Anna
in broken Italian.

“The doctor is ill, please address yourself to
Doctor Erhardt next door.”

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