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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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Remember what I have written on another page
of this book—what you keep to yourself you
lose, what you give away you keep for ever.
Besides you have no right to keep this money to
yourself, it does not belong to you, money belongs
to nobody up here. All money belongs to the
Devil who sits at his counter night and day
behind his sacks of gold trading with human
souls. Do not hold on too long to the dirty
coin he puts in your hand, get rid of it as soon
as you can or the cursed metal will soon burn
your fingers, penetrate into your blood, blind
your eyes, infect your thoughts and harden your
heart. Put it into the moneybox of the Little
Sisters, or throw the damned stuff into the
nearest gutter, it is the very place for it! What
is the good of hoarding your money, it will soon
be taken from you in any case. Death has
another key to your safe.

The gods sell all things at a fair price, said an
old poet. He might have added that they sell
their best goods at the cheapest rate. All that
is really useful to us can be bought for little
money, it is only the superfluous that is put up
for sale at a high price. All that is really
beautiful is not put up for sale at all but is offered
us as a gift by the immortal gods. We are
allowed to watch the sun rise and set, the clouds
sailing along in the sky, the forests and the fields,
the glorious sea, all without spending a penny.
The birds sing to us for nothing, the wild flowers
we may pick as we are walking along by the
roadside. There is no entrance fee to the starlit hall
of the Night. The poor man sleeps better than

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