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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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not you who gave life to this world of ours, it
was not you who let loose sorrow and death
amongst men. You were born with wings and
not with claws, it was God who turned you into
a devil and hurled you to his hell to be the keeper
of his damned. Surely you would not have
stood here in storm and rain on the top of the
tower of Notre Dame for a thousand years had
you liked your job. I am sure it is not easy to
be a devil for one who was born with wings.
Prince of Darkness, why don’t you extinguish
the fire in your subterranean kingdom and come
up to settle amongst us in a big town—believe
me the country is no place for you—as a private
gentleman of means with nothing to do the
whole day but eat and drink and hoard your
money. Or if you must increase your capital
and try your hand at some new congenial job,
why don’t you open another gambling hell in
Monte Carlo or start a brothel or become a usurer
to the poor or the proprietor of a travelling
menagerie with defenceless wild animals starving
behind their iron bars! Or if you want a change
of air why don’t you go to Germany and start
another factory for your latest poison gas!
Who but you could have directed their blind air
raid over Naples and dropped their incendiary
bomb on the home of the Little Sisters of the
Poor among their three hundred old men and

But will you allow me in return for the advice
I have given you to ask you a question? Why
do you put out your tongue like that? I do
not know how it is looked upon in hell, but, with

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