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(1929) [MARC] Author: Axel Munthe - Tema: Medicine
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heads and half-closed eyes. Now and then one
of them lifted her head and stared with vacant
eyes towards a shabby old priest, gesticulating
wildly among a group of men close by. Now
and then he raised his clenched fist with a
terrific curse in the direction of Messina across the
waters, Messina, the city of Satan, the Sodom
and Gomorrah in one, the cause of all their
misery. Had he not always prophesied that the
city of the sinners would end with——? A series
of sussultory and undulatory gesticulations with
both his hands in the air left no doubt what the
prophecy had been. Castigo di Dio! Castigo
di Dio!

I gave the woman next to me with a baby
in her lap a little loaf of stale bread from my
haversack. She grabbed it without saying a
word, handed me instantly an orange from her
pocket, bit off a piece of the bread to put it in
the mouth of the woman behind her on the point
of becoming a mother and started devouring the
rest ravenously like a starving animal. She told
me in a low, monotonous voice how she, with
the baby at her breast, had escaped, she did not
know how, when the house tumbled down at the
first “staccata,” how she had worked till the
following day to try to drag out her other two
children and their father from the wreckage, she
could hear their moans till it was broad daylight.
Then came another staccata and all was silent.
She had an ugly cut across the forehead, but her
“creatura”—the touching word the mothers call
their babies here—was quite unhurt, grazie a
Dio. As she spoke, she put the baby to the

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