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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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ordentlig, orderly, proper.

ordentligt, orderly, correctly,

ordn|a (-ade), to arrange.

ordning (-en, -ar), order;
göra i —, to make ready.

ork|a (-ade), to have strength
enough, be able.

orkan (-en, -er), hurricane.

orm (-en, -ar), serpent.

orolig, uneasy, anxious.

orätt, unjust.

orättvis, unrighteous, unjust.

osams, at variance.

oss, us; see vi.

ostadigt, unsteadily.

osynlig, invisible, imperceptible.

otydlig, indistinct, obscure.

otålig, impatient.

otäck, nasty, ugly.

otäckt, disagreeably, horridly.

oupphörligt, unceasingly.

ovanför, above, over.

ovanpå, above.

oväsen (oväsendet), noise.


packa (-ade), to pack.

packlår (-en, -ar), packing-box,

paket (-et, — or -er), parcel.

palt|a (-ade), to patter, trot.

papp|a (-an, -or), papa.

pappask (-en, -ar), pasteboard box.

papper (-et, —), paper.

par (-et, —), couple.

pass, adv.; så pass, so much.

pass, interj., stop.

pass|a (-ade) på, to watch,
attend, take advantage.

patruller|a (-ade), to patrol,
walk the rounds.

pek|a (-ade), to point.

pekfinger (-n, fingrar; or fingret, —),

pelare (-n, —), pillar.

peng (-en, -ar), plece of money;
pengar, money.

pensé (-en, -er), pansy, violet.

pep, see pipa.

person (-en, -er), person.

pet|a (-ade), to pick, poke;
— bort, to pick away.

piano (-t, -n), piano.

pig|a (-an, -or), maid, maid-servant,

pil (-en, -ar), arrow.

pilbåg|e (-en, -ar), bow.

pill|a (-ade), to pluck, pick.

pin|a (-ade), to torture.

pinn|e (-en, -ar), peg, pin,

pionröd, red as a peony.

pipa (pep, pipit), to whistle,

pip|a (-an, -or), whistle.

pipande (-et), peeping.

pisk|a (-ade), to whip.

pladask, interj., bounce!
splash! flop!

plan (-en, -er), grass-plot,

plank (-et, —), paling, board

plankbåt (-en, -ar), wooden slab
(thought of as a boat).

plask, interj., splash.

plask|a (-ade), to splash.

plats (-en, -er), place, spot.

plir|a (-ade), to blink, wink.

plock|a (-ade), to pick.

plums|a (-ade), to flop, plump,

plåst|er (-ret, —), plaster.

plåstr|a (-ade), to plaster;
— om, to plaster up.

pläg|a (-ade), to be in the
habit of, to be wont to.

plötsligt, suddenly.

pojk|e (-en, -ar), boy, chap.

polk|a (-an, -or), polka.

porl|a (-ade), to purl, bubble.

port (-en, -ar), gate.

porträtt (-et, — or -er), portrait,

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