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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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stann|a (-ade), to stay, stop;
— av, to come to a stand-still,
cease moving.

stark, strong.

steg, see stiga.

steg (-et, —), step.

stek|a (-te, -t), to fry.

stel, stiff, numb.

sten (-en, -ar), stone.

stenmur (-en, -ar), stone wall.

sticka (stack, stuckit), to
stick, put, reach, push;
to stick out.

stiga (steg, stigit), to step,
rise, ascend.

stil (-en, -ar), style.

stilla, still, quiet.

stilig, fine.

stirr|a (-ade), to stare.

stirrande, staring.

stjälp|a (-te, -t), to overturn,

stjärt (-en, -ar), tail.

stjärnregn (-et, —), pyrotechnic

stod(o), see stå.

stol (-en, -ar), chair.

stolt, proud.

stolthet (-en), pride.

stopp|a (-ade), to put, fill.

stor, large.

storbom (-men, -mar), main-boom.

storbåt (-en, -ar), large boat.

storm (-en, -ar), storm.

storsegel (-let, —), mainsail.

stort, much.

straff (-et, —), punishment.

strand (-en, stränder), shore.

strax, directly.

streck (-et, —), line.

stret|a (-ade), to strive,

strid (-en, -er), fight, struggle.

strump|a (-an, -or), stocking.

strut (-en, -ar), cornet (a cap
of paper twisted at the

stryka (strök, strukit), to
run, pass, cross, strike.

sträck|a (-te, -t), to stretch,
extend, reach.

sträckt, stretched out.

strängeligen, severely, strictly.

strö (-dde, -tt), to strew,

strök, see stryka.

ström (-men, -mar), river,

strömming (-en, -ar), kind of
small herring.

stubbad, curtailed, docked.

stubbig, curtailed, docked.

stucko, see sticka.

stug|a (-an, -or), cottage, hut.

stund (-en, -er), moment,
time, while; om en liten —,
in a little while.

stycke (-t, -n), piece, part
distance; de var tre stycken,
they were three.

styggelse (-n, -r), abomination.

styr|a (-de, -t), to manage,

styre (-t, -n), helm, rudder.

styrman (-nen, män), mate,
officer, steersman.

styrmansmöss|a (-an, -or),
mate’s cap.

styv, stiff, stubborn.

stå (stod, stått), to stand; be
written; — ut, to stand,

stång (-en, stänger), pole.

stång|a (-ade), to gore.

stånk|a (-ade), to pant, puff
and blow.

ställ|a (-de, -t), to place,
arrange; — till, to arrange,
cause; — sig, to place
one’s self; — sig på språng,
to get ready for a dash.

ställe (-t, -n), place, stead.

ständigt, continually.

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