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(1911) [MARC] Author: Gustaf af Geijerstam
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trakterad, treated, enter-
trappla (-an, -or), stair, door-
step, stairs.
trasig, ragged, tattered, torn.
traskja (-ade), to trudge, trot.
trasslja (-ade) in, to entangle,
tre, three.
tredje, third.
trevlig, pleasant.
trillja (-ade), to roll.
tro (-dde, -tt), to believe,
ora (-ade), to defy, brave,
trotsigt, boldly, daringly.
trott, see tro.
trottoarkant (-en, -er), edge
of the sidewalk.
trumpet (-en, -er), trumpet.
trut (-en, -ar), mouth, jaw.
tryckert (-et, -er), printing.
tråkig, Wwearlisome, tedious;
ha —Lt, to be bored.
träbit (-en, -ar), piece of
träbåt (-en, -ar), wooden boat.
träd (-et, —), tree.
träda, (trädde, trätt), to put.
trädgård (-en, -ar), orchard.
träffla (-ade), to strike, hit;
trängla (-de, -t), to force; —
sig fram, to press forward,
force one’s way.
trätla (-te, -t), to quarrel,
tröjla (-an, -or), jacket.
tröskel (-n, -ar), threshold.
tröstla (-ade), to comfort,
trött, tired.
tröttnlja (-ade), to grow tired.
tu, two.
tuggla (-ade), to chew.
tull (-en, -ar), custom, duty;
custom-office; city limits.
tum (-men or -met, —), inch.
tumlja (-ade), to tumble, roll.
tumme (-n, -r), thumb.

tung, heavy.

tungla (-an, -or), tongue.

tunn, thin.

tunnband (-et, —), hoop.

tur (-en, -er), turn.

tusen, thousand.

tvingla (-ade or tvang, tvung-
it), to force, compel.

tvilling (-en, -ar), twin.

tvivlel (iet, —), doubt, ques-

tvungen, forced, compelled.

två, two.

tvärs, across; tvärs genom,
right through; — över,
straight across.

tvättja (-ade), to wash.

tvättfat (-et, —), wash-bowl,

ty, for, because.

tyckla (-te, -t), to think, feel,
remark; — om, to like.

tydligen, evidently, apparent:

tydligt, distinctly, plainly.

tyg (-et, — and -er), stuff,
cloth; allt vad tygen höllo,
with a vengeance, at a
rattling pace.

tyngla (-de, -t), to weigh.

tyngst, heaviest.

tysk, German.

tyst, silent, quiet.

tyst, silently, quietly, softly.

tystn|ja (-ade), to become si-

lent, to hush.

tågja (-ade), to march.

tåljla (-de, -t), to endure,

tång (-en or -et), sea-weed.

tår (-en, -ar), tear.

tåspets (-en, -ar), tip of the

tåt (-en, -ar), string.

täckla (-te, -t), to cover.

tält (-et, —), tent.

tända (tände, tänt), to light.

tänkja (-te, -t), to think, in-

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