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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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141. Complaints EDMUND SPENSER.
142. Essays on Mankind, &c. SIR WILLIAM PETTY.
143. The Curse of Kehama ROBERT SOUTHEY.
144. The Taming of the Shrew WM. SHAKESPEARE.
145. Essays on Burns and Scott THOMAS CARLYLE.
146. Lives of Nicias, Crassus, Aratus, &c. PLUTARCH.
147. From London to Land’s End DANIEL DEFOE.
148. Romeo and Juliet WM. SHAKESPEARE.
149. Discourses on Satire and on Epic Poetry JOHN DRYDEN.
150. The Amber Witch Translated by LADY DUFF GORDON.
151. Lives of Romulus, Cimon, Lucullus, &c. PLUTARCH.
152. Cymbeline WM. SHAKESPEARE.
153 & 154. Holy Living. 2 Vols JEREMY TAYLOR, D.D.
155. Lives of Numa, Sertorius, and Eumenes PLUTARCH.
156. Timon of Athens WM. SHAKESPEARE.
157. The Battle of Life CHARLES DICKENS.
158. Memorable Thoughts of Socrates XENOPHON.
159. Lives of the Poets (Prior, Congreve, &c.) SAMUEL JOHNSON.
160. Othello, the Moor of Venice WM. SHAKESPEARE.
161. Burleigh, Hampden, and Walpole LORD MACAULAY.
162 & 163. Paradise Lost. 2 Vols. JOHN MILTON.
164. The Comedy of Errors WM. SHAKESPEARE.
165. Travels in England PAUL HENTZNER.
166. Lives of the Poets (Gay, Thomson, &c.) SAMUEL JOHNSON.
167 & 168. Holy Dying. 2 Vols JEREMY TAYLOR, D.D.
169. Discoveries made upon Men and Matter BEN JONSON.
170. Troilus and Cressida WM. SHAKESPEARE.
171. Letters on England VOLTAIRE.
172. Peter Schlemihl, the Shadowless Man CHAMISSO.
173. The Advancement of Learning FRANCIS BACON.
174. The Two Gentlemen of Verona WM. SHAKESPEARE.
175. The Legends of St. Patrick AUBREY DE VERE, LL.D.
176. Criticisms on Milton JOSEPH ADDISON.
177. The Discovery of Muscovy From the Collection of RICHARD HAKLUYT.
178. Antony and Cleopatra WM. SHAKESPEARE.
179. The Poetics of Aristotle, &c.
180. Paradise Regained & Samson Agonistes JOHN MILTON.
181. Love’s Labour’s Lost WM. SHAKESPEARE.
182. Utopia SIR THOMAS MORE.
183. Third Voyage for the Discovery of a North West Passage CAPT. W. E. PARRY, R.N.,F.R.S.
184. Essays Civil and Moral FRANCIS BACON.
185. King Henry VI. (Part I.) WM. SHAKESPEARE.
186. Tales from the Decameron GIOVANNI BOCCACCIO.
187. Table Talk and other Poems WILLIAM COWPER.
188. Letters on Sweden, Norway, & Denmark MARY WOLLSTONECRAFT.

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