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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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The situation of this house was beautiful, though
chosen for convenience. The master being the officer
who commanded all the pilots on the coast, and the
person appointed to guard wrecks, it was necessary for
him to fix on a spot that would overlook the whole bay.
As he had seen some service, he wore, not without a
pride I thought becoming, a badge to prove that he had
merited well of his country. It was happy, I thought,
that he had been paid in honour, for the stipend he received
was little more than twelve pounds a year. I
do not trouble myself or you with the calculation of
Swedish ducats. Thus, my friend, you perceive the
necessity of perquisites. This same narrow policy runs
through everything. I shall have occasion further to
animadvert on it.

Though my host amused me with an account of himself,
which gave me an idea of the manners of the
people I was about to visit, I was eager to climb the
rocks to view the country, and see whether the honest
tars had regained their ship. With the help of the
lieutenant’s telescope, I saw the vessel under way with
a fair though gentle gale. The sea was calm, playful
even as the most shallow stream, and on the vast basin
I did not see a dark speck to indicate the boat. My
conductors were consequently arrived.

Straying further, my eye was attracted by the sight
of some heartsease that peeped through the rocks. I
caught at it as a good omen, and going to preserve it
in a letter that had not conveyed balm to my heart, a
cruel remembrance suffused my eyes; but it passed
away like an April shower. If you are deep read in

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