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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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(merely a form) before we could get the refreshment
we stood in need of, he requested us to descend—I
might have said step—from our car, and walk into

I expected to have found a tolerable inn, but was
ushered into a most comfortless one; and, because it
was about five o’clock, three or four hours after their
dining hour, I could not prevail on them to give me
anything warm to eat.

The appearance of the accommodations obliged me
to deliver one of my recommendatory letters, and the
gentleman to whom it was addressed sent to look out
for a lodging for me whilst I partook of his supper.
As nothing passed at this supper to characterise the
country, I shall here close my letter.

                                                                         Yours truly.



Gothenburg is a clean airy town, and, having been
built by the Dutch, has canals running through each
street; and in some of them there are rows of trees
that would render it very pleasant were it not for the
pavement, which is intolerably bad.

There are several rich commercial houses—Scotch,
French, and Swedish; but the Scotch, I believe, have
been the most successful. The commerce and
commission business with France since the war has been
very lucrative, and enriched the merchants I am

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