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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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advantageous post for an army so much inferior in
force; but the influence of beauty is not confined to
courts. The mistress of the inn was handsome; when
I saw her there were still some remains of beauty;
and, to preserve her house, the general gave up the
only tenable station. He was afterwards broke for
contempt of orders.

Approaching the frontiers, consequently the sea,
nature resumed an aspect ruder and ruder, or rather
seemed the bones of the world waiting to be clothed
with everything necessary to give life and beauty.
Still it was sublime.

The clouds caught their hue of the rocks that
menaced them. The sun appeared afraid to shine,
the birds ceased to sing, and the flowers to bloom;
but the eagle fixed his nest high amongst the rocks,
and the vulture hovered over this abode of desolation.
The farm houses, in which only poverty resided, were
formed of logs scarcely keeping off the cold and
drifting snow: out of them the inhabitants seldom
peeped, and the sports or prattling of children was
neither seen or heard. The current of life seemed
congealed at the source: all were not frozen, for it
was summer, you remember; but everything appeared
so dull that I waited to see ice, in order to reconcile
me to the absence of gaiety.

The day before, my attention had frequently been
attracted by the wild beauties of the country we passed

The rocks which tossed their fantastic heads so high
were often covered with pines and firs, varied in tho

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