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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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many, even of the young women, seem to be bleached
on the bosom of snow. But in this youthful circle the
roses bloomed with all their wonted freshness, and I
wondered from whence the fire was stolen which
sparkled in their fine blue eyes.

Here we slept; and I rose early in the morning to
prepare for my little voyage to Norway. I had determined
to go by water, and was to leave my companions
behind; but not getting a boat immediately, and the
wind being high and unfavourable, I was told that it
was not safe to go to sea during such boisterous
weather; I was, therefore, obliged to wait for the
morrow, and had the present day on my hands, which
I feared would be irksome, because the family, who
possessed about a dozen French words amongst them
and not an English phrase, were anxious to amuse me,
and would not let me remain alone in my room. The
town we had already walked round and round, and if
we advanced farther on the coast, it was still to view
the same unvaried immensity of water surrounded by

The gentlemen, wishing to peep into Norway,
proposed going to Fredericshall, the first town — the
distance was only three Swedish miles. There and back
again was but a day’s journey, and would not, I thought,
interfere with my voyage. I agreed, and invited the
eldest and prettiest of the girls to accompany us. I
invited her because I like to see a beautiful face
animated by pleasure, and to have an opportunity of
regarding the country, whilst the gentlemen were
amusing themselves with her.

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