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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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I did not know, for I had not thought of it, that we
were to scale some of the most mountainous cliffs of
Sweden in our way to the ferry which separates the
two countries.

Entering amongst the cliffs, we were sheltered from
the wind, warm sunbeams began to play, streams to
flow, and groves of pines diversified the rocks.
Sometimes they became suddenly bare and sublime. Once,
in particular, after mounting the most terrific precipice,
we had to pass through a tremendous defile, where the
closing chasm seemed to threaten us with instant
destruction, when, turning quickly, verdant meadows
and a beautiful lake relieved and charmed my eyes.

I had never travelled through Switzerland, but one
of my companions assured me that I should not there
find anything superior, if equal, to the wild grandeur
of these views.

As we had not taken this excursion into our plan,
the horses had not been previously ordered, which
obliged us to wait two hours at the first post. The
day was wearing away. The road was so bad that
walking up the precipices consumed the time
insensibly; but as we desired horses at each post ready
at a certain hour, we reckoned on returning more

We stopped to dine at a tolerable farm; they brought
us out ham, butter, cheese, and milk, and the charge
was so moderate that I scattered a little money amongst
the children who were peeping at us, in order to pay
them for their trouble.

Arrived at the ferry, we were still detained, for the

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