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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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been supposed permanent, though only rendered so by
the permanency of ignorance.

Arriving at Fredericshall, at the siege of which
Charles XII. lost his life, we had only time to take a
transient view of it whilst they were preparing us some

Poor Charles! I thought of him with respect. I
have always felt the same for Alexander, with whom
he has been classed as a madman by several writers,
who have reasoned superficially, confounding tho
morals of the day with the few grand principles on
which unchangeable morality rests. Making no allowance
for the ignorance and prejudices of the period,
they do not perceive how much they themselves are
indebted to general improvement for the acquirements,
and even the virtues, which they would not have had
the force of mind to attain by their individual exertions
in a less advanced state of society.

The evening was fine, as is usual at this season, and
the refreshing odour of the pine woods became more
perceptible, for it was nine o’clock when we left
Fredericshall. At the ferry we were detained by a
dispute relative to our Swedish passport, which we did
not think of getting countersigned in Norway.
Midnight was coming on, yet it might with such propriety
have been termed the noon of night that, had Young
ever travelled towards the north, I should not have
wondered at his becoming enamoured of the moon.
But it is not the Queen of Night alone who reigns here
in all her splendour, though the sun, loitering just
below the horizon, decks her with a golden tinge

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