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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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Not having brought a carriage over with me,
expecting to have met a person where I landed, who was
immediately to have procured me one, I was detained
whilst the good people of the inn sent round to all their
acquaintance to search for a vehicle. A rude sort of
cabriole was at last found, and a driver half drunk,
who was not less eager to make a good bargain on that
account. I had a Danish captain of a ship and his
mate with me; the former was to ride on horseback, at
which he was not very expert, and the latter to partake
of my seat. The driver mounted behind to guide the
horses and flourish the whip over our shoulders; he
would not suffer the reins out of his own hands. There
was something so grotesque in our appearance that I
could not avoid shrinking into myself when I saw a
gentleman-like man in the group which crowded round
the door to observe us. I could have broken the driver’s
whip for cracking to call the women and children
together, but seeing a significant smile on the face, I had
before remarked, I burst into a laugh to allow him to
do so too, and away we flew. This is not a flourish of
the pen, for we actually went on full gallop a long
time, the horses being very good; indeed, I have never
met with better, if so good, post-horses as in Norway.
They are of a stouter make than the English horses,
appear to be well fed, and are not easily tired.

I had to pass over, I was informed, the most fertile
and best cultivated tract of country in Norway. The
distance was three Norwegian miles, which are longer
than the Swedish. The roads were very good; the
farmers are obliged to repair them; and we scampered

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