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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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through a great extent of country in a more improved
state than any I had viewed since I left England. Still
there was sufficient of hills, dales, and rocks to prevent
the idea of a plain from entering the head, or even of
such scenery as England and France afford. The
prospects were also embellished by water, rivers, and lakes
before the sea proudly claimed my regard, and the road
running frequently through lofty groves rendered the
landscapes beautiful, though they were not so romantic
as those I had lately seen with such delight.

It was late when I reached Tonsberg, and I was glad
to go to bed at a decent inn. The next morning, the
17th of July, conversing with the gentleman with
whom I had business to transact, I found that I should
be detained at Tonsberg three weeks, and I lamented
that I had not brought my child with me.

The inn was quiet, and my room so pleasant,
commanding a view of the sea, confined by an amphitheatre
of hanging woods, that I wished to remain there, though
no one in the house could speak English or French.
The mayor, my friend, however, sent a young woman
to me who spoke a little English, and she agreed to
call on me twice a day to receive my orders and
translate them to my hostess.

My not understanding the language was an excellent
pretext for dining alone, which I prevailed on them to
let me do at a late hour, for the early dinners in Sweden
had entirely deranged my day. I could not alter it
there without disturbing the economy of a family where
I was as a visitor, necessity having forced me to accept

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