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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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difficult to eradicate them when an affection for
mankind, a passion for an individual, is but the unfolding
of that love which embraces all that is great and

When a warm heart has received strong impressions,
they are not to be effaced. Emotions become
sentiments, and the imagination renders even transient
sensations permanent by fondly retracing them. I cannot,
without a thrill of delight, recollect views I have seen,
which are not to be forgotten, nor looks I have felt in
every nerve, which I shall never more meet. The grave
has closed over a clear friend, the friend of my youth.
Still she is present with me, and I hear her soft voice
warbling as I stray over the heath. Fate has separated
me from another, the fire of whose eyes, tempered by
infantine tenderness, still warms my breast; even when
gazing on these tremendous cliffs sublime emotions
absorb my soul. And, smile not, if I add that the rosy
tint of morning reminds me of a suffusion which will
never more charm my senses, unless it reappears on the
cheeks of my child. Her sweet blushes I may yet hide
in my bosom, and she is still too young to ask why
starts the tear so near akin to pleasure and pain.

I cannot write any more at present. To-morrow we
will talk of Tonsberg.

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