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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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she was pretty; and finding herself among her
superiors, bashfully sat down as near the door as possible,
nobody taking notice of her. Shortly after, the prince
entering, immediately inquired for her, and asked her
to dance, to the mortification of the rich dames. After
it was over he handed her to the top of the room, and
placing himself by her, spoke of the loss she had
sustained, with tenderness, promising to provide for
anyone she should marry, as the story goes. She
is since married, and he has not forgotten his

A little girl, during the same expedition, in Sweden,
who informed him that the logs of a bridge were cut
underneath, was taken by his orders to Christiania, and
put to school at his expense.

Before I retail other beneficial effects of his journey,
it is necessary to inform you that the laws here are
mild, and do not punish capitally for any crime but
murder, which seldom occurs. Every other offence
merely subjects the delinquent to imprisonment and
labour in the castle, or rather arsenal at Christiania,
and the fortress at Fredericshall. The first and second
conviction produces a sentence for a limited number of
years——two, three, five, or seven, proportioned to the
atrocity of the crime. After the third he is whipped,
branded in the forehead, and condemned to perpetual
slavery. This is the ordinary course of justice. For
some flagrant breaches of trust, or acts of wanton
cruelty, criminals have been condemned to slavery for
life the first time of conviction, but not frequently.
The number of these slaves do not, I am informed,

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