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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the people is a substantial eulogium ; and, from all I
can gather, the inhabitants of Denmark and Norway
are the least oppressed people of Europe. The press is
free. They translate any of the French publications of
the day, deliver their opinion on the subject, and discuss
those it leads to with great freedom, and without
fearing to displease the Government.

On the subject of religion they are likewise
becoming tolerant, at least, and perhaps have advanced a
step further in free-thinking. One writer has ventured
to deny the divinity of Jesus Christ, and to question
the necessity or utility of the Christian system, without
being considered universally as a monster, which would
have been the case a few years ago. They have
translated many German works on education; and though
they have not adopted any of their plans, it has become
a subject of discussion. There are some grammar and
free schools; but, from what I hear, not very good
ones. All the children learn to read, write, and cast
accounts, for the purposes of common life. They have
no university; and nothing that deserves the name of
science is taught; nor do individuals, by pursuing any
branch of knowledge, excite a degree of curiosity
which is the forerunner of improvement. Knowledge
is not absolutely necessary to enable a considerable
portion of the community to live; and, till it is, I fear
it never becomes general.

In this country, where minerals abound, there is not
one collection; and, in all probability, I venture a
conjecture, the want of mechanical and chemical knowledge
renders the silver mines unproductive, for the quantity

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