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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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of silver obtained every year is not sufficient to defray
the expenses. It has been urged that the employment
of such a number of hands is very beneficial. But a
positive loss is never to be done away; and the men,
thus employed, would naturally find some other means
of living, instead of being thus a dead weight on
Government, or rather on the community from whom
its revenue is drawn.

About three English miles from Tonsberg there is a
salt work, belonging, like all their establishments, to
Government, in which they employ above a hundred and
fifty men, and maintain nearly five hundred people, who
earn their living. The clear profit, an increasing one,
amounts to two thousand pounds sterling. And as the
eldest son of the inspector, an ingenious young man,
has been sent by the Government to travel, and
acquire some mathematical and chemical knowledge in
Germany, it has a chance of being improved. He is
the only person I have met with here who appears to
have a scientific turn of mind. I do not mean to assert
that I have not met with others who have a spirit of

The salt-works at St. Ubes are basins in the sand,
and the sun produces the evaporation, but here there
is no beach. Besides, the heat of summer is so
short-lived that it would be idle to contrive machines for
such an inconsiderable portion of the year. They
therefore always use fires; and the whole establishment
appears to be regulated with judgment.

The situation is well chosen and beautiful. I do not
find, from the observation of a person who has resided

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