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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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here for forty years, that the sea advances or recedes on
this coast.

I have already remarked that little attention is paid
to education, excepting reading, writing, and the
rudiments of arithmetic; I ought to have added that a
catechism is carefully taught, and the children obliged
to read in the churches, before the congregation, to
prove that they are not neglected.

Degrees, to enable any one to practise any profession,
must be taken at Copenhagen; and the people of this
country, having the good sense to perceive that men
who are to live in a community should at least acquire
the elements of their knowledge, and form their
youthful attachments there, are seriously endeavouring
to establish a university in Norway. And Tonsberg,
as a central place in the best part of the country, had
the most suffrages, for, experiencing the bad effects of
a metropolis, they have determined not to have it in or
near Christiania. Should such an establishment take
place, it will promote inquiry throughout the country,
and give a new face to society. Premiums have been
offered, and prize questions written, which I am told
have merit. The building college-halls, and other
appendages of the seat of science, might enable
Tonsberg to recover its pristine consequence, for it is one
of the most ancient towns of Norway, and once
contained nine churches. At present there are only two.
One is a very old structure, and has a Gothic
respectability about it, which scarcely amounts to grandeur,
because, to render a Gothic pile grand, it must have a
a huge unwieldiness of appearance. The chapel of

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