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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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my Frances were so hospitably received would have
been sufficient to ensure the tenderest remembrance,
without the recollection of the social evenings to
stimulate it, when good breeding gave dignity to
sympathy and wit zest to reason.
Adieu ! I am just informed that my horse has been
waiting this quarter of an hour. I now venture to ride
out alone. The steeple serves as a landmark. I ouce
or twice lost my way, walking alone, without being able
to inquire after a path; I was therefore obliged to
make to the steeple, or windmill, over hedge and ditch.
Yours truly.
I HAVE already informed you that there are only two
noblemen who have estates of any magnitude in Norway
One of these has a house near Tonsberg, at which he
has not resided for some years, having been at court,
or on embassies. He is now the Danish Ambassador
in London. The house is pleasantly situated, and the
grounds about it fine ;
but their neglected appearance
plainly tells that there is nobody at home.
A stupid kind of sadness, to my eye, always reigns
in a huge habitation where only servants live to put
cases on the furniture and open the windows. I enter
as I would into the tomb of the Capulets, to look at the
family pictures that here frown in armour, or smile in
ermine. The mildew respects not the lordly robe, and
the worm riots unchecked on the cheek of beauty.

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