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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the imagination bodies forth its conceptions unre-
strained, and stops enraptured to adore the beings of
its own creation. These are moments of bliss ;
the memory recalls them with delight.
But I have almost forgotten the matters of fact I
meant to relate, respecting the counts. They have the
presentation of the livings on their estates, appoint the
judges, and different civil officers, the Crown reserving
to itself the privilege of sanctioning them. But though
they appoint, they cannot dismiss. Their tenants also
occupy their farms for life, and are obliged to obey any
summons to work on the part he reserves for himself ;
but they are paid for their labour. In short, I have
seldom heard of any noblemen so innoxious.
Observing that the gardens round the count’s estate
were better cultivated than any I had before seen, I
was led to reflect on the advantages which naturally
accrue from the feudal tenures. The tenants of the
count are obliged to work at a stated price, in his
grounds and garden; and the instruction which they
imperceptibly receive from the head gardener tends to
render them useful, and makes them, in the common
course of things, better husbandmen and gardeners on
their own little farms. Thus the great, who alone
travel in this period of society, for the observation of
manners and customs made by sailors is very confined,
bring home improvement to promote their own comfort,
which is gradually spread abroad amongst the people,
till they are stimulated to think for themselves.
The bishops have not large revenues, and the priests
are appointed by the king before they come to them to

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