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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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established, little justice can be expected iu Norway.
Judges who cannot be bribed are often timid, and
afraid of offending bold knaves, lest they should raise
a set of hornets about themselves. The fear of censure
undermines all energy of character ; and, labouring tc
be prudent, they lose sight of rectitude. Besides,
nothing is left to their conscience, or sagacity ; they
must be governed by evidence, though internally con-
vinced that it is false.
There is a considerable iron manufactory at Laurvig
for coarse work, and a lake near the town supplies the
water necessary for working several mills belonging
to it.
This establishment belongs to the Count of Laurvig.
Without a fortune and influence eqnal to his, such a
work could not have been set afloat ; personal fortunes
are not yet sufficient to support such undertakings.
Nevertheless the inhabitants of the town speak of the
size of his estate as an evil, because it obstructs com-
merce. The occupiers of small farms are obliged to
bring their wood to the neighbouring seaports to be
shipped ;
but he, wishing to increase the value of his,
will not allow it to be thus gradually cut down, which
turns the trade into another channel. Added to this,
nature is against them, the bay being open and inse-
cure. I could not help smiling when I was informed
that in a hard gale a vessel had been wrecked in tlio
main street. When there are such a number of ex-
cellent harbours on the coast, it is a pity that accident
has made one of the largest towns grow up on a
bad one.

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