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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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with these simple worthy folk to give you one of my
half-score Danish words and letting as much of my
heart flow out in sympathy as they can take. Adieu !
I must trip up the rocks. The rain is over. Let me
catch pleasure on the wing I may be melancholy to-
morrow. Now all my nerves keep time with the
melody of nature. Ah ! let me be happy whilst I can.
The tear starts as I think of it. I must flee from
thought, and find refuge from sorrow in a strong
imagination the only solace for a feeling heart.
Phantoms of bliss ! ideal forms of excellence !
enclose me in your magic circle, and wipe clear from
my remembrance the disappointments that render the
sympathy painful, which experience rather increases
than damps, by giving the indulgence of feeling the
sanction of reason.
Once more farewell !
I LEFT Portoer, the little haven I mentioned, soon
after I finished my last letter. The sea was rough,
and I perceived that our pilot was right not to venture
farther during a hazy night. We had agreed to pay
four dollars for a boat from Helgeraac. I mention
the sum, because they would demand twice as much
from a stranger. I was obliged to pay fifteen for the
one I hired at Stromstad. When we were ready to
set out, our boatman offered to return a dollar and let

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