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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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us go in one of the boats of the place, the pilot who
lived there being better acquainted with the coast.
He only demanded a dollar and a half, which was
reasonable. I found him a civil and rather intelligent
man ;
he was in the American service several years,
during the Revolution.
I soon perceived that an experienced mariner was
necessary to guide us, for we were continually obliged
to tack about, to avoid the rocks, which, scarcely
reaching to the surface of the water, could only be
discovered by the breaking of the waves over them.
The view of this wild coast, as we sailed along it,
afforded me a continual subject for meditation. I an-
ticipated the future improvement of the world, and
observed how much man has still to do to obtain of
the earth all it could yield. I even carried my specula-
tions so far as to advance a million or two of years to
the moment when the earth would perhaps be so per-
fectly cultivated, and so completely peopled, as to
render it necessary to inhabit every spot yes. these
bleak shores. Imagination went still farther, and
pictured the state of man when the earth could no
longer support him. Whither was he to flee from
universal famine ? Do not smile ;
I really became
distressed for these fellow creatures yet unborn. The
images fastened on me, and the world appeared a vast
prison. I was soon to be in a smaller one for no
other name can I give to Rusoer. It would be difficult
to form an idea of the place, if you have never seen
one of these rocky coasts.
We were a considerable time entering amongst tlio

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