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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the change of scene which was to greet me when I
reached the coast. For the grand features of nature
had been dwindling into prettiness as I advanced; yet
the rocks, on a smaller scale, were finely wooded to the
water’s edge. Little art appeared, yet sublimity
everywhere gave place to elegance. The road had often
assumed the appearance of a gravelled one, made in
pleasure-grounds; whilst the trees excited only an idea
of embellishment. Meadows, like lawns, in an endless
variety, displayed the careless graces of nature; and
the ripening corn gave a richness to the landscape
analogous with the other objects.

Never was a southern sky more beautiful, nor more
soft its gales. Indeed, I am led to conclude that the
sweetest summer in the world is the northern one,
the vegetation being quick and luxuriant the moment
the earth is loosened from its icy fetters and the bound
streams regain their wonted activity. The balance of
happiness with respect to climate may be more equal
than I at first imagined; for the inhabitants describe
with warmth the pleasures of a winter at the thoughts
of which I shudder. Not only their parties of pleasure
but of business are reserved for this season, when they
travel with astonishing rapidity the most direct way,
skimming over hedge and ditch.

On entering Moss I was struck by the animation
which seemed to result from industry. The richest
of the inhabitants keep shops, resembling in their
manners and even the arrangement of their houses
the tradespeople of Yorkshire; with an air of more
independence, or rather consequence, from feeling

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