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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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themselves the first people in the place. I had not
time to see the iron-works, belonging to Mr. Anker,
of Christiania, a man of fortune and enterprise; and I
was not very anxious to see them after having viewed
those at Laurvig.

Here I met with an intelligent literary man, who
was anxious to gather information from me relative to
the past and present situation of France. The
newspapers printed at Copenhagen, as well as those in
England, give the most exaggerated accounts of their
atrocities and distresses, but the former without any
apparent comments or inferences. Still the
Norwegians, though more connected with the English,
speaking their language and copying their manners,
wish well to the Republican cause, and follow with the
most lively interest the successes of the French arms.
So determined were they, in fact, to excuse everything,
disgracing the struggle of freedom, by admitting the
tyrant’s plea, necessity, that I could hardly persuade
them that Robespierre was a monster.

The discussion of this subject is not so general as in
England, being confined to the few, the clergy and
physicians, with a small portion of people who have a
literary turn and leisure; the greater part of the
inhabitants having a variety of occupations, being
owners of ships, shopkeepers, and farmers, have
employment enough at home. And their ambition to
become rich may tend to cultivate the common sense
which characterises and narrows both their hearts and
views, confining the former to their families, taking
the handmaids of it into the circle of pleasure, if not

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