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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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with the ripening corn and rye. The corn that grew
on the slopes had not, indeed, the laughing luxuriance
of plenty, which I have seen in more genial climes. A
fresh breeze swept across the grain, parting its slender
stalks, but the wheat did not wave its head with its
wonted careless dignity, as if nature had crowned it
the king of plants.

The view, immmediately on the left, as we drove
down the mountain, was almost spoilt by the
depredations committed on the rocks to make alum. I do not
know the process. I only saw that the rocks looked
red after they had been burnt, and regretted that the
operation should leave a quantity of rubbish to
introduce an image of human industry in the shape of
destruction. The situation of Christiania is certainly
uncommonly fine, and I never saw a bay that so forcibly
gave me an idea of a place of safety from the storms of
the ocean; all the surrounding objects were beautiful
and even grand. But neither the rocky mountains,
nor the woods that graced them, could be compared
with the sublime prospects I had seen to the westward;
and as for the hills, "capped with eternal snow," Mr.
Coxe’s description led me to look for them, but they
had flown, for I looked vainly around for this noble

A few months ago the people of Christiania rose,
exasperated by the scarcity and consequent high price
of grain. The immediate cause was the shipping of
some, said to be for Moss, but which they suspected
was only a pretext to send it out of the country, and I
am not sure that they were wrong in their conjecture.

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