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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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that it was not totally without foundation. He must
have possessed some eloquence, or have had truth on
his side; for the farmers rose by hundreds to support
him, and were very much exasperated at his
imprisonment, which will probably last for life, though he has
sent several very spirited remonstrances to the upper
court, which makes the judges so averse to giving a
sentence which may be cavilled at, that they take
advantage of the glorious uncertainty of the law, to
protract a decision which is only to be regulated by
reasons of state.

The greater number of the slaves I saw here were
not confined for life. Their labour is not hard; and
they work in the open air, which prevents their
constitutions from suffering by imprisonment. Still, as they
are allowed to associate together, and boast of their
dexterity, not only to each other but to the soldiers
around them, in the garrison, they commonly, it is
natural to conclude, go out more confirmed and more
expert knaves than when they entered.

It is not necessary to trace the origin of the
association of ideas which led me to think that the stars and
gold keys, which surrounded me the evening before,
disgraced the wearers as much as the fetters I was
viewing—perhaps more. I even began to investigate
the reason, which led me to suspect that the former
produced the latter.

The Norwegians are extravagantly fond of courtly
distinction, and of titles, though they have no
immunities annexed to them, and are easily purchased. The
proprietors of mines have many privileges: they are

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