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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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land; yet the most rational men whom I conversed
with on the subject seemed convinced that the right,
was more injurious than beneficial to society; still if
it contribute to keep the farms in the farmers’ own
hands, I should be sorry to hear that it were abolished.

The aristocracy in Norway, if we keep clear of
Christiania, is far from being formidable; and it will
require a long time to enable the merchants to attain
a sufficient moneyed interest to induce them to
reinforce the upper class at the expense of the yeomanry,
with whom they are usually connected.

England and America owe their liberty to commerce,
which created new species of power to undermine the
feudal system. But let them beware of the
consequence; the tyranny of wealth is still more galling
and debasing than that of rank.

Farewell! I must prepare for my departure.



I left Christiania yesterday. The weather was not
very fine, and having been a little delayed on the road,
I found that it was too late to go round, a couple of
miles, to see the cascade near Fredericstadt, which I
had determined to visit. Besides, as Fredericstadt is a
fortress, it was necessary to arrive there before they
shut the gate.

The road along the river is very romantic, though
the views are not grand; and the riches of Norway,

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