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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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I set out from Fredericstadt about three o’clock in
the afternoon, and expected to reach Stromstad before
the night closed in; but the wind dying away, the
weather became so calm that we scarcely made any
perceptible advances towards the opposite coast, though
the men were fatigued with rowing.

Getting amongst the rocks and islands as the moon
rose, and the stars darted forward out of the clear
expanse, I forgot that the night stole on whilst
indulging affectionate reveries, the poetical fictions of
sensibility; I was not, therefore, aware of the length of
time we had been toiling to reach Stromstad. And
when I began to look around, I did not perceive
anything to indicate that we were in its neighbourhood.
So far from it, that when I inquired of the pilot, who
spoke a little English, I found that he was only
accustomed to coast along the Norwegian shore; and had
been only once across to Stromstad. But he had
brought with him a fellow better acquainted, he
assured me, with the rocks by which they were to steer
our course, for we had not a compass on board; yet, as
he was half a fool, I had little confidence in his skill.
There was then great reason to fear that we had lost
our way, and were straying amidst a labyrinth of rocks
without a clue.

This was something like an adventure, but not of the
most agreeable cast; besides, I was impatient to arrive
at Stromstad, to be able to send forward that night a

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