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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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It was too late to send off a boy, but I did not go to
bed before I had made the arrangements necessary to
enable me to set out as early as possible.

The sun rose with splendour. My mind was too
active to allow me to loiter long in bed, though the
horses did not arrive till between seven and eight.
However, as I wished to let the boy, who went forward
to order the horses, get considerably the start of me, I
bridled in my impatience.

This precaution was unavailing, for after the three
first posts I had to wait two hours, whilst the people
at the post-house went, fair and softly, to the farm, to
bid them bring up the horses which were carrying in
the first-fruits of the harvest. I discovered here that
these sluggish peasants had their share of cunning.
Though they had made me pay for a horse, the boy
had gone on foot, and only arrived half an hour before
me. This disconcerted the whole arrangement of the
day; and being detained again three hours, I
reluctantly determined to sleep at Quistram, two posts short
of Uddervalla, where I had hoped to have arrived that

But when I reached Quistram I found I could not
approach the door of the inn for men, horses, and carts,
cows, and pigs huddled together. From the concourse
of people I had met on the road I conjectured that
there was a fair in the neighbourhood; this crowd
convinced me that it was but too true. The boisterous
merriment that almost every instant produced a quarrel,
or made me dread one, with the clouds of tobacco, and
fumes of brandy, gave an infernal appearance to the

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