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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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servile submlssiou. Do iiot term me severe if 1 add,
that after youth is flown the husband becomes a sot,
and the wife amuses herself by scolding her servants.
In fact, what is to be expected in any country where
taste and cultivation of mind do not supply the place
of youthful beauty and animal spirits? Affection re-
quires firmer foundation than sympathy, and few
people have a principle of action sufficiently stable to
produce rectitude of feeling; for in spite of all the
arguments I have heard to justify deviations from
duty, I am persuaded that even the most spontaneous
sensations are more under the direction of principle
than weak people are willing to allow.
But adieu to moralising. I have been writing these
last sheets at an inn in Elsineur, where I am waiting
for horses ;
and as they are not yet ready, I will give
you a short account of my journey from Gothenburg,
for I set out the morning after I returned from
The country during the first day’s journey presented
a most barren appearance, as rocky, yet not so pictur-
esque as Norway, because on a diminutive scale. We
stopped to sleep at a tolerable inn in Falckersberg, a
decent little town.
The next day beeches and oaks began to grace the
prospects, the sea every now and then appearing to
give them dignity. I could not avoid observing also,
that even in this part of Sweden, one of the most
sterile, as I was informed, there was more ground
under cultivation than in Norway. Plains of varied
crops stretched out to a considerable extent, and sloped

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