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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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THE distance from Elsineur to Copenhcagen is twentytwo
miles ; the road is very good, over a flat country
diversified with wood, mostly beech, and decent mansions.
There appeared to be a great quantity of corn
land, and the soil looked much more fertile than it is
in general so near the sea. The rising grounds, indeed,
were very few, and around Copenhagen it is a perfect
plain; of course has nothing to recommend it but
cultivation, not decorations. If I say that the houses did
not disgust me, I tell you all I remember of them, for
I cannot recollect any pleasurable sensations they
excited, or that any object, produced by nature or art,
took me out of myself. The view of the city, as we
drew near, was rather grand, but without any striking
feature to interest the imagination, excepting the trees
which shade the footpaths.
Just before I reached Copenhagen I saw a number
of tents on a wide plain, and supposed that the rage
for encampments had reached this city ; but I soon
discovered that they were the asylum of many of the poor
families who had been driven out of their habitations
by the late fire.
Entering soon after, I passed amongst the dust and
rubbish it had left, affrighted by viewing the extent of
the devastation, for at least a quarter of the city had
been destroyed. There was little in the appearance of
fallen bricks and stacks of chimneys to allure the imagi-

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