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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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But the fabricators of plots in all countries build their
conjectures on the "
baseless fabric of a vision ;
it seems even a sort of poetical justice, that whilst this
Minister is crushing at home plots of his own conjuring*
up, on the Continent, and in the north, lie should, with as
little foundation, be accused of wishing to set the
world on fire.
I forgot to mention to you, that I was informed, by
a man of veracity, that two persons came to the stake
to drink a glass of the criminal’s blood, as an infallible
remedy for the apoplexy. And when I animadverted
in the company, where it was mentioned, on such a
horrible violation of nature, a Danish lady reproved
me very severely, asking how I knew that it was not a
cure for the disease ? adding, that every attempt was
justifiable in search of health. I did not, you may
imagine, enter into an argument with a person the
slave of such a gross prejudice. And I allude to it
not only as a trait of the ignorance of the people, but
to censure the Government for not preventing scenes
that throw an odium on the human race.
Empiricism is not peculiar to Denmark ;
and I know
no way of rooting it out, though it be a remnant of
exploded witchcraft, till the acquiring a general know-
ledge of the component parts of the human frame be-
comes a part of public education.
Since the fire, the inhabitants have been very as-
siduously employed in searching for property secreted
during the confusion ;
and it is astonishing how many
people^, formerly termed reputable, had availed them-
selves of the common calamity to purloin what the

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