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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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the place. The good pictures wore mixed indiscrimi-
nately with the bad ones, in order to assort the frames.
The same fault is conspicuous in the new splendid
gallery forming at Paris ; though it seems an obvious
thought that a school for artists ought to be arranged
in such a manner, as to show the progressive discoveries
and improvements in the art.
A collection of the dresses, arms, and implements of
the Laplanders attracted my attention, displaying that
first species of ingenuity which is rather a proof of
patient perseverance, than comprehension of mind.
The specimens of natural history, and curiosities of art,
were likewise huddled together without that scientific
order which alone renders them useful ;
but this may
partly have been occasioned by the hasty manner in
which they were removed from the palace when in
There are some respectable men of science here, but
few literary characters, and fewer artists. They want
encouragement, and will continue, I fear, from the
present appearance of things, to languish unnoticed a
long time; for neither the vanity of wealth, nor the
enterprising spirit of commerce, has yet thrown a glance
that way.
Besides, the Prince Royal, determined to be econom-
ical, almost descends to parsimony; and perhaps de-
presses his subjects, by labouring not to oppress
them ;
for his intentions always seem to be good yet
nothing can give a more forcible idea of the dulness
which eats away all activity of mind, than the insipid
routine of a court, without magnificence or elegance.

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