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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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present, runs into the opposite extreme ;
and the
formality, if not the parsimony, of the court, seems to
extend to all the other branches of society, which I had
an opportunity of observing ; though hospitality still
characterises their intercourse with strangers.
But let me now stop ;
I may be a little partial, and
view everything with the jaundiced eye of melancholy
for I am sad and have cause.
God bless you !
I HAVE seen Count Bernstorff ;
and his- conversation
confirms me in the opinion I had previously formed of
him ;
I mean, since my arrival at Copenhagen. He is
a worthy man, a little vain of his virtue a la Necker ;
and more anxious not to do wrong, that is to avoid
blame, than desirous of doing good ; especially if any
particular good demands a change. Prudence, in
short, seems to be the basis of his character ; and, from
the tenor of the Government, I should think inclining
to that cautious circumspection which treads o’n the
heels of timidity. He has considerable information,
and some finesse; or he could not be a Minister.
Determined not to risk his popularity, for he is
tenderly careful of his reputation, he will never
gloriously fail like Struensee, or disturb, with the
energy of genius, the stagnant state of the public
I suppose that Lavater, whom he invited to visit

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