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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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him two years ago some say to fix the principles of tlio
Christian religion firmly in the Prince Royal’s mind,
found lines in his face to prove him a statesman of the
first order; because he has a knack at seeing a great
character in the countenances of men in exalted
stations, who have noticed him or his works. Besides,
the Count’s sentiments relative to the French Revolu-
tion, agreeing with Lavater’s, must have ensured his
The Danes, in general, seem extremely averse to
innovation, and if happiness only consist in opinion,
they are the happiest people in the world ;
for I never
saw any so well satisfied with their own situation. Yet
the climate appears to be v^ry disagreeable, the
weather being dry and sultry, or moist and cold ;
atmosphere never having that sharp, bracing purity,
which in Norway prepares you to brave its rigours.
I do not hear the inhabitants of this place talk with
delight of the winter, which is the constant theme of
the Norwegians ;
on the contrary, they seem to dread
its comfortless inclemency.
The ramparts are pleasant, and must have been much
more so before the fire, the walkers not being annoyed
by the clouds of dust which, at present, the slightest
wind wafts from the ruins. The windmills, and the
comfortable houses contiguous, belonging to the
millers, as well as the appearance of the spacious
barracks for the. soldiers and sailors, tend to rendor
this walk more agreeable. The view of the country
has not much to recommend it to notice but its extent
and cultivation :
yet as the eye always delights to dwell

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