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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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on verdant plains, especially when we are resident in
a great city, these shady walks should be reckoned
amongst the advantages procured by the Government
for the inhabitants. I like them better than the Royal
Gardens, also open to the public, because the latter
seem sunk in the heart of the city, to concentrate its
The canals which intersect the streets are equally
convenient and wholesome ;
but the view of the sea
commanded by the town had little to interest me
whilst the remembrance of the various bold and
picturesque shores I had seen was fresh in my memory.
Still the opulent inhabitants, who seldom go abroad,
must find the spots where they fix their country seats
much pleasanter on account of the vicinity of the
One of the best streets in Copenhagen is almost
filled with hospitals, erected by the Government, and,
I am assured, as well regulated as institutions of this
kind are in any country; but whether hospitals or
workhouses are anywhere superintended with sufficient
humanity I have frequently had reason to doubt.
The autumn is so uncommonly fine that I am un-
willing to put off my journey to Hamburg much
longer, lest the weather should alter suddenly, and the
chilly harbingers of winter catch me here, where I have
nothing now to detain me but the hospitality of the
families to whom I had recommendatory letters. I
lodged at an hotel situated in a large open square,
where the troops exercise and the market is kept. My
apartments were very good ;
and on account of the fire

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