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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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I was told that I should be charged very high ; yet,
paying my bill just now, I find the demands much
lower in proportion than in Norway, though my dinners
were in every respect better.
I have remained more at home since I arrived at
Copenhagen than I ought to have done in a strange
place, but the mind is not always equally active in
search of information, and my oppressed heart too
often sighs out
" How dull, flat, and unprofitable
Are to me all the usages of this world :
That it should come to this !
Farewell! Fare thee well, I say; if thou canst,
repeat the adieu in a different tone.
I ARRIVED at Corsoer the night after I quitted Copen-
hagen, purposing to take my passage across the Great
Belt the next morning, though the weather was rather
boisterous. It is about four-and-twenty miles but as
both I and my little girl are never attacked by sea-
sickness though who can avoid ennui ? I enter a boat
with the same indifference as I change horses ;
and as
for danger, come when it may, I dread it not sufficiently
to have any anticipating fears.
The road from Copenhagen was very good, through
an open, flat country that had little to recommend it

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