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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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to notice excepting’ the cultivation, which gratified my
heart more than my eye.
I took a barge with a German baron who was hasten-
ing back from a tour into Denmark, alarmed by the
intelligence of the French having passed the Rhine.
His conversation beguiled the time, and gave a sort of
stimulus to my spirits, which had been growing more
and more languid ever since my return to Gothenburg ;
you know why. I had often endeavoured to rouse my-
self to observation by reflecting that I was passing
through scenes which I should probably never see
again, and consequently ought not to omit observing.
Still I fell into reveries, thinking, by way of excuse,
that enlargement of mind and refined feelings are of
little use but to barb the arrows of sorrow which way-
lay us everywhere, eluding the sagacity of wisdom and
rendering principles unavailing, if considered as a
breastwork to secure our own hearts.
Though wo had not a direct wind, we were not de-
tained more than three hours and a half on the water,
just long enough to give us an appetite for our dinner.
We travelled the remainder of the day and the fol-
lowing night in company with the same party, the
German gentleman whom I have mentioned, his friend,
and servant. The meetings at the post-houses wero
pleasant to me, who usually heard nothing but strange
tongues around me. Marguerite and the child often
fell asleep, and when they were awake I might still
reckon myself alone, as our train of thoughts had no-
thing in common. Marguerite, it is true, was much
amused by the costume of the women, particularly by

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