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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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short, none of that poverty and dirt appeared, at the
sight of which the heart sickens.
As I only stopped to change horses, take refresh-
ment, and sleep, I had not an opportunity of knowing
more of the country than conclusions which the in-
formation gathered by my eyes enabled me to draw,
and that was sufficient to convince me that I should
much rather have lived in some of the towns I now
pass through than in any I had seen in Sweden or
Denmark. The people struck me as having arrived at
that period when the faculties will unfold themselves ;
in short, they look alive to improvement, neither con-
gealed by indolence, nor bent down by wretchedness to
From the previous impression I scarcely can trace
whence I received it I was agreeably surprised to
perceive such an appearance of comfort in this part of
Germany. I had formed a conception of the tyranny
of the petty potentates that had thrown a gloomy veil
over the face of the whole country in my imagination,
that cleared away like the darkness of night before the
sun as I saw the reality. I should probably have
discovered much lurking misery, the consequence of
ignorant oppression, no doubt, had I had time to in-
quire into particulars ;
but it did not stalk abroad and
infect the surface over which my eye glanced. Yes,
I am persuaded that a considerable degree of general
knowledge pervades this country, for it is only from
the exercise of the mind that the body acquires the
activity from which I drew these inferences. Indeed,
the King of Denmark’s German dominions Holstein

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