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(1889) [MARC] Author: Mary Wollstonecraft With: Henry Morley
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state of health, having a train of nervous complaints,
which, though they have not a name, unless the signi-
ficant word ennui be borrowed, had an existence in the
higher French circles; but adversity and virtuous
exertions put these ills to flight, and dispossessed her
of a devil who deserves the appellation of legion.
Madame Genlis also resided at Altona some time,
under an assumed name, witli many other sufferers of
less note though higher rank. It is, iu fact, scarcely
possible to stir out without meeting interesting coun-
tenances, every lineament of which tells you that they
have seen better days.
At Hamburg, I was informed, a duke had entered
into partnership with his cook, who becoming a traiteur,
they were both comfortably supported by the profit
arising from his industry. Many noble instances of
the attachment of servants to their unfortunate masters
have come to my knowledge, both here and in France,
and touched my heart, the greatest delight of which is
to discover human virtue.
At Altona, a president of one of the ci-devant par-
liaments keeps an ordinary, in the French style ;
his wife with cheerful dignity submits to her fate,
though she is arrived at an age when people seldom
relinquish their prejudices. A girl who waits there
brought a dozen dmble louis d’or concealed in her
clothes, at the risk of her life, from France, which she
preserves lest sickness or any other distress should
overtake her mistress, "who," she observed, "was not
accustomed to hardships." This house was particularly
recommended to me by an acquaintance of yours, tho

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