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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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who gave to our fathers, in the year 1526, the first
translation into Swedish of the New Testament entire;
in 1530, the first Swedish postil and catechism; in 1531,
the first church book, essentially in the form still in use;
and in 1536, that edition of his Swedish Psalm Book
from which we have no less than twenty-two excellent
hymns, still sung, in more or less revised form, in our
homes and sanctuaries. How, then, could we forget
our own Olavus Petri when we meet to celebrate our
historic festivals to the glory of God and in memory of
our great reformers?

Of this Swedish Reformer the learned Bishop J. A.
gives just appreciation in these words:
“Olavus Petri is not only the greatest figure and the most
richly endowed character in the renascence of the Swedish
Church: his equal is not to be found in the Reformation
history of the northern churches; he must be ranked
next to the very greatest in the new era. That he has
long been little known to the people of Sweden
doubtless follows in a measure from our tendency to slight
our own kin, but more especially from the fact that
‘Master Olov’ did not appear with pomp and loud
acclaim. He was not, like Birgitta, a person of
glowing zeal. He let the cause speak for itself. But if we
listen closely, we will perceive a noble tone and lofty
beauty in his simple, manly thoughts and words. The
study of jurisprudence lent to his style the terse, austere

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