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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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Olavus Petri, the blacksmith’s son, God assigned the
work of shaping the same metal into plowshares
wherewith to prepare the northern fields for the sowing of the
gospel seed.

In his native town Olavus Petri received his
schooling, either in the school connected with the Carmelite
monastery, which was devoted to the training of monks,
or in the city school, which dated its origin from the
fourteenth century. His parents later sent him to
Uppsala, where a university had been founded in 1477
by Sten Sture the Elder, regent of the realm, and
Archbishop Jacob Ulfson. One of the most noted
men of the university was Doctor Peder Galle, who
subsequently became his shrewdest antagonist in the
reformatory work. He himself had taught Olavus
Petri the scholastic proofs and arguments on which the
Roman Church based its alleged authority.

Owing to internal political strife and resulting lack
of support from the state, the University of Uppsala
was temporarily dissolved. In order to finish his studies
Olavus Petri then went abroad and was enrolled in
April, 1516, at the renowned University of Leipsic.
Although he said little of his own spiritual experiences,
we may infer that the soul of the young student was
athirst for truth and peace. These treasures he did not
discover in the sophistical lectures then given at Leipsic.
Consequently he left after only a few months, going

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