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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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of God, was gradually given to see clearly the truth of
the Scriptural teaching, that a man is justified by faith.

In another way and for very different purposes, the
young Swedish student traveled from Leipsic to
Wittenberg at midsummer of the year 1516. He doubtless
journeyed after the manner of other traveling students,
so numerous at that time. These were distinguished by
a feather in the hat, and they carried a long sword
hung from a belt which was strapped tightly outside
of a close-fitting coat. From one university to another
they carried their books and other belongings in a
wallet strapped to the back.

Wittenberg was a city neither great nor renowned,
merely a little old town with narrow, crooked streets,
and houses thatched with straw. The name is said to
mean “white hill,” and to have been derived from the
hill of white sand on which the town was built. What
attracted Olavus Petri to the place was the fact that
Dr. Martin Luther taught theology at the university
there. His reputation as the most skillful of
interpreters of the Scriptures brought him this Swedish disciple,
who came to satisfy his heart’s yearning for
righteousness and confirmation in divine truth.

The celebration in 1917 of the four hundredth
anniversary of the Lutheran Reformation has recently called
to mind the main facts of Luther’s life and work; hence
we may here confine ourselves to a brief account of his

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