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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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Swedish student. Proof of this we find in the close
inner correspondence between Luther’s published
exposition of the Epistle to the Romans and that published
by Olavus Petri, entitled: “A Little Book in which is
Explained how Man Gains Eternal Salvation, whether
it be of his own Merit or purely by the Grace and
Mercy of God” (Een lijten boock ther vthi förclarat
warder hwar igenom menniskian får then ewiga
salighetena, om thet skeer aff hennes förtieniste eller aff
gudz blotta nåde och barmhertigheet)
. This work is a
clear and concise presentation of the author’s
evangelical Lutheran conception of faith, closing with an
excellent summary of the Pauline doctrine compressed
into fifty-seven brief evangelical theses or sentences.
In the last three the relation between faith and works
is set forth in these words:

“Wheresoever Holy Writ demands faith, there it
means, not a vain, idle faith, but a faith which is active
through love.

“Wheresoever Holy Writ demands good works, it
means such works as proceed from a pure heart, not the
works of an hypocrite.

“The whole life of man must be a constant offering
of praise and thanks to God for His benefits, grace, and
mercy. Praise and glory be unto Him forever. Amen.”

Olavus Petri enjoyed the great and blessed privilege
of often hearing Doctor Luther preach in the city

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