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church. By request of the council of the city, Luther
served as assistant to the pastor of the parish from 1514
on. As such he sometimes preached four times of a
Sunday and two or three times during the week. In
the fall of 1516 he preached a series of sermons on the
Ten Commandments and another on the seven
penitential Psalms of David. The latter series was published
in the spring of 1517, and this was Luther’s first
published work. In his preaching, Olavus Petri became
one of Luther’s most faithful followers. He invariably
begins with a simple and lucid exegesis of the text, and
the central thing in his sermons is the evangelical
testimony of Christ Jesus and the only and complete
salvation of man through Him. In conclusion he gathers
passages of Scripture as a basis for an exhortation to
true faith, unfeigned love, loyalty to one’s God-given
calling, and firm faith in the life eternal.

At the close of October, 1516, Luther began his
lectures on the Epistle to the Galatians, which were
continued during the year 1517, whereupon he lectured
on Hebrews and the Epistle to Titus the year
following. In his exposition of the Epistle to the Galatians,
Luther arrived at a full comprehension of the right
relation between the law and the gospel. This exposition,
revised and printed in 1519, is one of the most valuable
and instructive works in the literature of our Church.
Its powerful influence on the sermons and writings of

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