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(1918) [MARC] Author: Nils Forsander
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even the Scriptures derive their authority, is a heretic."
And this: "We have knowledge of indulgences, not by
the authority of Scripture, but by the authority of the
Roman Church and of the Popes, which is greater."
Luther’s answer to all this was a forceful assertion of
the supreme authority of the Canonical Books of the
Bible in all matters pertaining to the Christian faith.

Through the machinations of Prierias and
Hogstra-ten, the inquisitor-general, Luther in June, 1518,
received a summons from Rome to appear in person and
answer for himself before "the supreme judge of the
Church." To go would have been equivalent to
mounting the pyre. The Elector of Saxony consequently
secured the concession that Luther might stand trial
before Cajetan, the pope’s representative, at Augsburg.
This man had received in advance a papal bull putting
Luther under the great ban and granting plenary
indulgence to all who would aid in yielding him up to
the papal authorities. Luther expected to meet the fate
of Huss, yet he went to Augsburg in the fall of 1518.
There he retracted nothing, merely asking that his
utterances and writings be submitted to the test of
Scripture. Finally he secretly disappeared from Augsburg
and subsequently appealed, first to the pope, "who ought
to be better informed," then to a general council of the
Church. Later, in the disputation with Doctor John
Eck in Leipsic, July 4—19, 1519, Luther placed the

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